Hot At Home by Jackie Burgmann

HOT AT HOME an In-Home Workout Program, created by Jackie Burgmann Jackie Burgmann is a successful Cougar living in Vancouver, Canada. She is a self-professed “Fitness Junkie” and former party girl. She went from being a smoker to having rock-hard six-pack abs, all without setting foot in a gym. And, she did it in the […] Read more »


Not too long ago, I had the honor of speaking with Richard “Mack” Machowicz about his Navy career, his amazing book, website, and his new radio show. Mack is a Navy SEAL who spent 10 years with SEAL Teams One and Two. He also served as a Naval Special Warfare Scout and Sniper, as well […] Read more »

RAPID ABS in 7 Simple Steps – Released

It’s FINALLY HERE!!! My brand new, never before seen book, has just been released!  Click here to learn all about it and get your very own copy!! RAPID ABS IN 7 Simple Steps   You want abs?  Are you one of the many people out there working out vigorously day after day, week after week, […] Read more »

Rapid Abs!

Your brand new guide to RAPID ABS! In 7 Simple Steps is right around the corner! This incredible ebook will give you all the information you need to know.   It’s complied for easy reading in a quick concise manner so you can get started on your very own Six-Pack abs right away!  You won’t […] Read more »