The Cravings Monster

How in the world are you supposed to deal with cravings!!??!!  If jealousy is the evil green monster, then cravings would be the evil red monster.  Cravings are one of the weird things that start out “all in your head” and somehow make their way into your mouth and onto your body as fat.  Yikes. […] Read more »

Crowded Gym!

Is your gym crowded? Is there an actual line at the front desk to get in? Do you walk in the door and struggle to make your way to the locker room, only to get the absolute last locker way off in the corner with the broken handle? Do you happen to glance into the […] Read more »

Healthy Snacks

So, I was sitting around craving something … just not sure what exactly.  I started thinking about different healthy snacks that are satisfying and conquer your cravings. Good snacks will have some substance, good taste, and maybe even a little nutritional value!  Some of my favorites are cut up fresh raw vegetables with or without […] Read more »

Break Time

With the Burn The Fat Holiday Challenge coming to a close, it’s time to take a nice healthy break. After seven weeks of being completely “ON” twenty-four-seven, 100%, I will be taking two weeks to unwind, relax, and de-stress! It’s important to schedule regular breaks and time off into your overall workout regimen. As we […] Read more »

Staying Motivated

It seems like motivation is one of those things that comes and goes for most people.  One minute you’re totally feeling it, and the next minute you’re exhausted and want to veg on the couch.  What types of things can you do to keep your fire stoked and stay charged up? The very first thing […] Read more »

Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!!  I love a fresh start; a new day, a new week, a new month, and especially a New Year!!  The possibilities are exciting and the outlook is fresh and fun.  I have big plans for myself this year – how about you? The New Year is a great time […] Read more »