How To Make New Year’s Resolutions Properly

Well, it’s that time of year again!  You’ve got a few days in which to decide what you want to accomplish in 2012 and get your goals properly laid out and ready to go.  The smart thing to do is have your goals finished by the time the ball drops at 12:00 am.  Many people […] Read more »

Christmas Is About More Than Just Food And Drink

When people heard that my husband and I were dieting and training hard through the holidays, they thought we were completely insane.  We had so many people say, “How can you diet during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s”???  “I could never not-drink over the holidays”….. “How can you even enjoy yourself”? Well, as it turns […] Read more »

Another Reason Not To Get Stressed Out

We all have “those days” when it just seems like nothing is going right and it’s probably just safer to stay home and stay in bed.  Usually, we get overwhelmed by too many activities, or a looming deadline, or some sort of pressure to perform.  Suddenly, it just all gets to be too much. This […] Read more »


What exactly is persistence?  How would you define such a thing? I can tell you what it’s NOT… it’s not when I was complaining about being hungry and tired whining about not being able to go out crying about my sad little workouts That was not persistence. wanting to throw in the towel at the […] Read more »

Amino acids: A girl’s guide Muscle and Fitness Hers

Check out this great article on the Muscle and Fitness Hers website! It’s about amino acids and the role each one plays in your health efforts. It takes the mystery out of “BCAA”s and what they mean. I’ve been taking BCAA for a while, but I didn’t always understand why. This article will clear up […] Read more »

Something Better Than Nothing?

Is “something” really better than “nothing”?   I guess I would have to say “yes”… and today is one of those prime examples…. Ever have those days where you know it’s going to be a short workout, so you are tempted to just skip it and get a “really good workout” in tomorrow instead?  You know […] Read more »