Wonderful Water

The importance of water to your wellbeing cannot be overstated. To begin, your body is made up of about sixty percent water. Your blood, for example, is eighty-three percent water, while your lungs are ninety percent and your brain is about seventy percent water. You can survive many many days without food (around a month). […] Read more »

Fitness Model Maria V

Fitness Model Maria V.  New updated photos from Cougar Fitness Model Maria V of the Netherlands!!! Maria is one of our beautiful over-40 models. She has a great story – she started modeling after turning 40 and has transformed a hobby into a career. She was recently featured in a story on modeling on the […] Read more »

Friendship Whipped Cottage Cheese

I mention “Whipped Cottage Cheese” a lot in my recipes and my Diet & Nutrition Journals. The reason I use this instead of regular cottage cheese is that the consistency is more, well, “whipped”! It’s not “curdy” like cottage cheese usually is and the flavor is easily altered by adding other ingredients. Here’s a photo […] Read more »

Bar Food – Chicken Fingers and Fries

1 pound boneless skinless chicken Whole Wheat Bread Crumbs 3 Egg Whites Black Pepper Garlic Powder Adobo Spice Onion Powder Sea Salt Yam Add spices to bread crumbs and mix thoroughly. Trim fat from chicken. Cut chicken in half inch strips. Dip each strip in egg whites then roll in bread crumb mixture and arrange […] Read more »

Desserts – Cottage Cheese Almond Cookies

COTTAGE CHEESE:  ALMOND COOKIES Ingredients 1/2 Cup Friendlyʼs Whipped Cottage Cheese 1 packets Truvia (1/8 Teaspoon pure Almond Extract) optional 1 Teaspoon Almond Butter Splash Amaretto 1/8 Cup Raw Almond Slivers mix all ingredients together well roll small spoonfuls of cottage cheese mixture in almond slivers until fully covered freeze for 20 minutes. Calories: 228 […] Read more »

Develop A Taste For Health

Now that it’s Fall, and the leaves have turned beautiful colors all around us, I started thinking about all the tasty foods that remind me of this season. Of course, you can’t set foot inside a store and not see piles and piles of Halloween candy.  But, beyond that, there are the more down home […] Read more »

Workout October 24, 2011

I’ve started a new routine and I’m just working my way into now.  Here’s the split: Mon:  Shoulders/Upper Back Tues:  Legs/Abs/Lower Back Wed:  Chest/Bis/Tris Thur:  Cardio Fri:   Shoulders/Abs Sat:  Cardio I’m still doing some cardio on weight days too.  I usually warm up with 10 minutes on the treadmill.  Then I go through my weight […] Read more »