About Me

Hi, my name is Stefanie and my husband, Mark, and I own www.Cougar-Fitness.com. Our website is a fun interactive site for women who are not in their twenties but are still looking hot and staying fit. I developed this blog to journal my diet and workouts and let you know what’s working for me. I […] Read more »

About Cougar Fitness

Welcome to this fun interactive site where you can get motivated, show off your stuff, and exchange advice on nutrition and diet, training, and beauty with other hot health-minded females! Stay up to date with cutting edge fitness and health information! Think of the Cougar Gallery as a “Facebook” for you thirty-plus in shape hotties […] Read more »

High Carb Day

Now that I am done with the BFFM Summer Challenge, I have been sort-of in “maintenance mode”. I started carb-cycling in order to slowly whittle away the last of the body fat that I don’t want. I’m still doing three low-carb/lower calorie days in a row followed by one high carb/higher calorie day. Today I […] Read more »

How I Got Ripped

“Not a minute to waste.”  That is how I reframed my thinking after the untimely passing of a close family member right before the start of the “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle” (BFFM) 2011 Summer Challenge … the Challenge I wasn’t going to enter because I “didn’t want to waste my summer dieting and […] Read more »

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

The Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle System…  This is the best and most comprehensive diet and workout program I have ever encountered! I used it to get ripped this past summer. You can check out my before and after pictures at Burn The Fat Inner Circle I continue to use the “system” which is […] Read more »

After The Transformation

So, I made it through an entire summer of hard-core body-building style training and eating and I got fantastic results! When the contest is over, most people go crazy and eat every imaginable piece of junk food out there and drink themselves into oblivion. They start out saying they’re “just going to take a few […] Read more »

Fall Forward

Thursday, September 15, 2011 Keep It Going So, now that summer is unfortunately coming to a close, fall is creeping toward us. Now is the time to come up with a plan for fall. Many people worked out hard and made great progress over the summer months, and now is the time to formulate a […] Read more »