Thankful & Purposeful

Thanksgiving is here again! I can’t believe how fast Summer flew by, and I’m certainly not ready for the Holidays! How does this happen? I think we tend to get caught up in things that are going on and we just get swept along in life, similar to a piece of driftwood just floating along […] Read more »

Lean by 2013

NOW is the time to start thinking about the New Year. How do YOU want to start things off? Wouldn’t it feel great to start out 2013 feeling really good about yourself and healthy? What happened last year? Did you make a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions? More importantly, did you accomplish them? Think about […] Read more »

Volpino Jewelry

Make yourself feel even more beautiful or use this jewelry to reward yourself for sticking to your diet and nutrition plan! Amazing jewelry from Italy with Swarovski crystals! Check it out 🙂 If You Liked This, Please Share!Tweet Read more »

Get Your Yoga On!

The Benefits of Yoga Whenever I think of yoga, I think relaxation, peacefulness, serenity, quiet, flexibility, stretching and harmony. It just seems like such a calm, mellow, stress-reducing activity. And it looks really easy…ha!ha! This is one of those times when looks can be deceiving. Usually you start out really slowly just doing some stretches […] Read more »

Build Your Muscles With A Proper Diet

Guest Post by Brenda Panin – Brenda is a web content writer for Coops.   Building muscle and losing body fat requires proper nutrition. What you take in can make or break your gains when it comes to muscle growth. Most people associate the word “diet” with days of starvation and pain. The truth is […] Read more »

My Diet Secret

I recently found this article written by Craig Ballantyne, a genius in the fitness, nutrition, and motivational arena.  I thought it was funny, because this is exactly the kind of changes I just recently started making to my own diet plan.  And, best of all, I think it’s actually having a positive impact!  I thought […] Read more »

Hot at Home – by Jackie Burgmann – Part 2

HOT AT HOME   Part 2 (see Part 1 here!) an In-Home Workout Program, created by Jackie Burgmann Jackie Burgmann is a self-professed “Fitness Junkie” and successful Cougar living in Vancouver, Canada. She used to be a smoker and did a lot of partying in her early 20s. While she was always “thin”, she really […] Read more »