Exercise and Energy

You’ve had a really long day and you’re dog-tired, your head is spinning from everything going on at work and in your personal life, you’re even hungry. So, you walk in the door, put down your briefcase and change into your … Workout clothes?!? What? Yes, this is exactly the time when you need to […] Read more »

Will Building Muscle Make Me Bulky?

Will Building Muscle Turn You into a Muscle-Bound Bulky Version of Your Former Self? So, there are many of you out there who are afraid to lift weights and build muscle because you’re scared of getting “big and bulky.”  Let’s clear up that little misconception right now! Take a look at my photo.  Do you […] Read more »

Monica Brant’s F.E.M. Camp – Part 1

Yes, it is a dream finally realized!  I met fitness legend Monica Brant.  So, yes, I can officially check that one off of my bucket list.  Wow, what an inspiring, sweet, knowledgeable and beautiful person; inside and out.  Monica is the real deal and she is in incredible … let me repeat … incredible shape. […] Read more »

Sugar & Spice & Everything Vice

Does sugar really make your life sweeter?  A lot of us were raised with sugar and it’s become part of our childhoods and migrated into our adult lives.  Sugar has come to symbolize comfort for many.  It’s also generally thought that it’s better to consume too much sugar than too much fat.  But, does sugar […] Read more »

Thankful & Purposeful

Thanksgiving is here again! I can’t believe how fast Summer flew by, and I’m certainly not ready for the Holidays! How does this happen? I think we tend to get caught up in things that are going on and we just get swept along in life, similar to a piece of driftwood just floating along […] Read more »