Start Off Right

It’s Monday again and that means a fresh start to a new week.  It’s Christmas time and Christmas Eve is this Saturday, so NOW is the time to craft a plan and a strategy to “safely” make it through without too much damage to your diet and workout plan.

The first thing I would do is decide which parties you’ll be attending and if you’ll be partaking in any cheat foods or drinks at these parties.  For example, if your company party is this Wednesday night, then you may want to consider that day your “High” day and plan backwards to today.  I would keep calories and carbs low until Wednesday, and then make Wednesday your high cal/high carb day, allowing for some goodies at the party.

That means on Thursday morning you’re right back in the saddle, up early and at the gym, and back on track, no problem.  No harm, no foul.  It’s not the occasional cheat meals at special events that derail you, it’s the cheat meals that start to become habits, that you start repeating day in and day out, that will harm you in the long run.

Planning ahead for some fun is the perfect way to enjoy your time without guilt.  Get all your workouts in and make them count.  Be really strict with your diet, nutrition, and water intake.  Then, when you show up at the party, not only will you feel great and look even better, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself, knowing everything is under control and your well-deserved cheat meal is part of your plan!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!  🙂


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