Keep On Keeping On

I had somebody ask me how I keep going when I don’t get results as quickly as I think I should.  A great question … it’s no easy task, of course, to stay motivated in the face of *limited* results.  Logically, I know that as long as I am faithfully following my plan (which I am) that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to be putting on any body fat.  So, when it seems after a week of training and dieting, that I’ve made “no progress”, it must be either water weight or muscle (I’ll go with muscle!  🙂 ).   I keep a picture in my head all the time of what I want to look like and every time I get discouraged, I re-focus myself immediately on that picture.  I also fill my mind with “everything fitness” from pictures, quotes, and magazine stories, to videos, motivational cds and upbeat music at the gym.  It all helps me ride out the storm.  Yeah, I have down times, but I make myself suck it up and get it done anyway .. then usually, I wake up one day and have great results!  It seems like it happened “overnight”, but really, good stuff was going on all along .. just a little more slowly than impatient me would like!

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