So You Want To Burn Fat and Get Lean?

Ok, you people that want to lose body fat and get lean… There is no magic pill, and no easy way to get there. If it were easy, everyone would be physically fit and healthy.

Hard work and consistency are the only way..

First, throw out all the junk in all of your cupboards, fridge and the freezer too.

Make a plan to eat as clean as possible and resist what your friends are eating..

Next, If you have an gym membership, (and you know who you are), use it!!!

Cardio is very important and you must stay focused. Find a cardio exercise you enjoy and JUST DO IT.

Weights are also important for men and women. If you are a little leery about using weights, have a friend or a trainer assist you in form and the proper way to use free weights.

That simple recipe is the only way..

Now comes the hard part, getting your butt to the gym and training.

PS. You don’t have to wait until the New Year to start. Why not start now and be in shape when the New Year arrives…

Good luck and train hard.

Guest Post by Author: Mark OD

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