Book Review – “Unleash the Warrior Within” by Richard Machowicz

I’ve been reading the greatest book since sliced bread and I thought I’d share it with you! For some reason, two weeks ago, I suddenly got “Seal Fever” – as in Navy Seals …. I think it was something I read from Ron White describing a Seal friend of his and the Seal mindset. It made me want to explore the the world of the Navy Seals and what makes them so tough, both mentally and physically.

Enter the book, “Unleash the Warrior Within” by Richard Machowicz. If I was looking for inspiration (which I was!) I got it – and then some. You know how sometimes you read a great motivational book and you highlight or underline certain important points here and there as you go along?

every sentence is potent and applicable to my life

Well, I’ve highlighted almost the whole book! I’m hanging on every word; every sentence is potent and applicable to my life. I could get fifty powerful quotes from the first twenty pages…probably more.

This is a motivating self-help book that sets forth principles applied in warfare, and shows you how to fruitfully apply those principles and precepts in your everyday life to achieve your goals.

I like the fact that the book is straight-forward and filled with easy-to-grasp concepts. I don’t know about you, but I get easily distracted. However, this lays out strategies for you in a succinct practical manner that allows you to make real changes in your life.

I love the part in the book where Machowicz talks about dieting. He says most people take a very lazy attitude toward dieting, getting in shape, and fitness in general. They don’t view it as something important in their lives…UNTIL something happens that changes their mindsets.

People don’t lose weight, and if they do, they don’t keep it off because it is not something they consider to be important in their lives. He says if something is not important to you, the failure rate will be high.

if something is not important to you, the failure rate will be high

It’s not until people reach a tipping point (doctor’s orders, death of a loved one, upcoming wedding) that people really take weight loss seriously. And, when they do, guess what? They get results. Once they give the “target” of weight loss real value, it changes their attitudes and mindsets. It now becomes something that must be done – it has to happen.

Machowicz encourages you to make a choice; make a decision to do something for yourself or in your life (your target), get started (pick your weapons), and commit to reaching that target (forward movement).

If you’ve been floundering around or need a little push, I highly recommend getting this book. In fact, I’ll be reading it repeatedly; it’s that good. Let me know what you think!!

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