Back Pain – A Pain In The …

“Does Lower back pain can put you flat on your back”

Anyone over the  age of 30, may have experienced some sort of back pain.  For me it wasn’t until I hit age 40.  I am an avid golfer and find myself in pain most of the golf season.

My doctor mentioned that I stretch and commit to more core exercises.  You know, he’s a smart man..  I began stretching and doing more abs and lower back exercises and have noticed less back pain.

You know, he’s a smart man..

 Most guys don’t like to do abs, so I make sure I don’t put them off to the end of my workout.  I mix stretching, abs and lower back exercises between sets of body parts I’m working on that day.

In August I was flat on my back, in my living room.  I saw a chiropractor 4 times before I was able to sit comfortably.

I continued to stretch and work my core 5 times a week.

Maybe if you do the same, you can kiss back pain goodbye…

Guest Contribution by Member:  Mark

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