Wonderful Water

The importance of water to your wellbeing cannot be overstated. To begin, your body is made up of about sixty percent water. Your blood, for example, is eighty-three percent water, while your lungs are ninety percent and your brain is about seventy percent water. You can survive many many days without food (around a month). However, without water, you’re done in a matter of a few days. Lack of water is detrimental to the liver and brain, not to mention kidney function and transportation of nutrients.

Wonderful Water

You need a minimum of eight glasses a day of water just to prevent dehydration. But, remember, if you are active, working out or sweating, or it’s hot and humid, you may need even more water just for your body to function properly. Without adequate water intake, you will notice yourself feeling sluggish, low on energy, tired and cranky.

Water is needed to breakdown oxygen, nutrients, minerals, and chemicals in the body; dissolving them so they can be transported in the bloodstream and utilized by the body. The carbohydrates and proteins we so faithfully consume are broken down and mobilized throughout the body via the bloodstream. The water in your body also aids in the removal of waste from your system. Water is in lymph (fluid) which is a part of the immune system, and helps to keep you healthy.

What else can water do? Water helps to fire up your metabolism. Some studies suggest that drinking ice cold water can help speed things up even more, because the body has to warm up the water; thus expending even more calories. Drinking plenty of water can help you maintain clear beautiful hydrated skin. It’s not just the lotions and creams you apply to the outside of your body. Good health shows through from the inside too.

As we discussed, water aids in the removal of waste and toxins from your body and helps to flush out fat. Water can help you feel full; providing a feeling of satiety during times of restricted calories. Often, when you feel that “hunger pang” it’s really not hunger at all. It’s a signal from your body that you are actually thirsty. And, oh yes, most importantly, water has no calories!

Of course there are also the “fun” aspects of water; not to be ignored…besides it’s wonderful healing properties, it can be extremely soothing. It’s a wonderful stress relief to sit in a bubble bath or a hot tub and let the water massage sore tired muscles. Some people even believe you can shower off a bad mood; get rid of the bad karma; and emerge fresh and energized. And let’s not forget all the fun activities provided by water like water-skiing, swimming, surfing, boating, and of course, those proverbial “long walks on the beach”. Ice-skating, skiing, and snowball fights are even really a function of water. Even looking at a pretty body of water or a nice pool is somehow refreshing and calming. Even raindrops falling can have a gentle calming effect.

So, overall, I think you can see the vast importance that water has in our lives on a daily basis. I call it my “Power Elixir” and my secret weapon in staying strong, healthy, and young.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Water is a mainstay in my life. I don’t feel energetic or refreshed unless I get enough water. I agree that it’s a secret weapon in staying young and healthy!

  2. Stef says:

    Yes, and water is calorie free, and free!!!

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