Friendship Whipped Cottage Cheese

I mention “Whipped Cottage Cheese” a lot in my recipes and my Diet & Nutrition Journals. The reason I use this instead of regular cottage cheese is that the consistency is more, well, “whipped”! It’s not “curdy” like cottage cheese usually is and the flavor is easily altered by adding other ingredients. Here’s a photo of what the container looks like:


You can check out their website and read all about Whipped Cottage Cheese. If you can’t find it, you could probably get a similar effect by putting a cup of regular cottage cheese in a blender or food processor. That is an experiment I may perform soon, as the Friendship brand is a little bit more expensive than the norm. It’s so convenient though, it’s been a lifesaver, and diet-saver for me, so it’s been well worth it.

Most of my recipes call for a half cup of whipped cottage cheese, but if I do Version #1 recipes, I will usually double the amount to a cup. This gives me 32 grams of protein which is more in line with my protein needs per meal. My mainstay recipe (which is not included in the recipe book) is just:

1 Cup Whipped Cottage Cheese
1 Packet Truvia
1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla

Stir – freezing for 15-20 minutes makes it better, but I’m usually impatient and can’t wait that long! This is my night time recipe that I used over and over again all summer long to get seriously lean. It couldn’t be easier, and it’s very satisfying.

If you can’t find Friendship brand Whipped Cottage Cheese, check out their website for “Where To Buy Friendship Whipped Cottage Cheese”.

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