Barbie as a Role Model?

Our society has been unduly harsh and critical of the female form for decades. Whatever happened to the voluptuous models of the Michaelangelo era?

Michaelangelo said, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

Women need to understand that they are beautiful in their own rights. You can take what God gave you and sculpt it into a thing of beauty through weight training, proper nutrition, and cardiovascular exercise.

Will any human ever have “Barbie”-like proportions? No – that’s a DOLL, that’s not a human form. That’s like asking a male to have the physique of a “Transformer” or an “Avatar”. I won’t even use this portal to delve into the other unrealistic “standards” that many men in today’s society assign women – a rant for another day!

With plastic dolls and their artificially elongated limbs, ridiculously shrunken torsos, and oddly shaped skulls, society has created a false and impossible “standard” for girls and women.

Stop the insanity and take a look at a REAL sculpted female form, like Nicole Wilkins or Jamie Eason. These are the true “ideal” female form, not some imagined fantasy doll.

Be the best that YOU can be. Transform yourself into the beautiful self that you already have waiting within. The most beautiful female form is the sculpted, healthy, in-shape version of YOU.

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