Top Ten Traits Winners at the Fat-Burning Game Have in Common

When you see people who are successful at something, it’s a good idea to study them and find out how and why they are successful. This is especially true if they are successful in an area in which you personally wish to excel! Take a look at what winners in your desired area did to get where they are. See what methods they used to stay motivated and get results.

Here are some of my observations regarding people who have burned off large amounts of body fat and become “Winners” at the fat-burning game.

1. I think all winners’ number one trait is 100% commitment. I can’t reiterate that enough. There is no “try”, there is only “do”. Ultimately, quitting is not an option for a true winner – no matter what. Winners do what it takes, DAILY, whether it is “comfortable” or “fun” or not. Winners don’t sit around wondering if they “feel like” going to the gym or eating right that day. They just do it.


They go the extra mile.

2. Winners have the unique ability to be HONEST with themselves. They don’t steer clear of the scale or the measuring tape or avoid the harsh realities of the situation. They find out the facts (how much they weigh, what their body fat is, what their measurements are, and they use that as a real starting point for their programs.

3. They don’t get emotional. Yes, there are many ups and downs along the way. There are numerous frustrations and setbacks along your dieting journey, but winners are able to put things into perspective and realize that the path to lean-ness is not a straight line. They don’t freak out when they scale goes beserk. They don’t worry too much about a small fluctuation one way or the other in the measurements. They understand that progress is a jagged line and as long as they are moving in the proper direction OVER TIME they are on track.

4. Winners have a solid feedback system. If you don’t know where you started or where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? Winners chart their progress. Most of them do this on a weekly basis. They have a beginning point and an ending point and a realistic timeline of where they should be when. This way, they know if they are “on track”, “behind the 8-ball”, or “ahead of the curve”. Charting their progress on a weekly basis allows them to make small changes in their programs if needed. Weekly feedback also allows them to make adjustments immediately and get back on course if it looks like they are headed in a completely wrong direction.

5. Winners have clearly defined WRITTEN goals. They take the time at the beginning of the journey to put specific goals down on paper. They set realistic deadlines for these goals. Their goals are measureable and attainable/realisitc.

Another powerful thing winners do with their goals is attach emotions to them. They have a list of “Whys”; why do they want to accomplish this goal? What will they get by reaching it? What benefits will they receive? What are the consequences of NOT achieving this goal?

Winners incorporate the who, what, why, where questions: “What” are you trying to accomplish; “Which” rules have to be followed; “When” will this be completed; “Where” will this happen; and, once again, the all important “Why” are you doing this?

Winners dig deep for their “Whys” and they have these “Whys” written out so that when the going gets rough, they can refer back to the emotions and reasons that got them started on this path. For more great info on setting goals and staying motivated, check out

6.And speaking of the ultimate goals, winners have the unique ability to reel themselves in and continually re-focus on the ultimate goal at the end of the timeline. Everyone encounters setbacks and plateaus, but they do not allow these things to deter the mission.

7. Winners realize that EVERYTHING counts. An extra bite here, an abbreviated workout there … every action every day either brings them closer to, or further away from, their ultimate goals.

8. Winners have a support group. They also hang out with like minded people. If you can’t surround yourself with friends and family who share your goals, you can find great support groups online like the Burn The Fat Inner Circle which is a wonderful online community of fat-burning pros.

9. Winners have a plan of action for AFTER the goal is reached. Much the same way they set up a plan to accomplish their initial goals, they set up a plan to maintain their progress after the “push” is over. They understand that if they revert back to the same old habits and behaviors that ruled their actions in the past, that they will get the same results they got in the past – and this is NOT acceptable!

10. Winners never give up. They never give up, no matter what. They stay focused on a very clear vision of what they want and they know why they want it. They monitor and track everything. They pursue their goals with consistent daily action.

Winners can follow a plan but they can also be flexible when needed. Adherence is key, but winners also understand that “life happens” sometimes and they won’t always have the opportunity to be perfect. At these times, they will give their best effort to do as well as they can in the given situation. They will not throw in the towel.

They don’t reinvent the wheel, they find successful people who were where they are now and accomplished what it is that they want to accomplish and they MIMIC their mentors. They follow in their footsteps while making the plan their own.

The difference between a “Winner” and a “Whiner” … just a few small letters… Tweak the small things and watch your progress change for the better. Soon, people will be emulating YOU!

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  1. Deborah Reed says:

    I am starting the BFFM Holiday Challenge next Thursday. I have read similiar articles but I really appreciate the timing of this one. I need this information NOW! I want to put all these things into action so that I can successfully complete the Challenge and MEET my goals not just go halfway. Thank you, just what I needed today!!!

    • Stef says:

      Hi Deborah!
      Congratulations on taking action and committing to the Holiday Challenge! I’m proud of you already! No lie, the Challenge is just that – a “challenge”. However, you are NOT alone – we are all here with you and I will be as supportive as I possibly can! I’m debating entering *informally* just to be part of the group. Either way, I will give you my best strategies and secrets to help you complete the Challenge with flying colors and maybe even have some FUN doing it!!
      Deborah – just by deciding to take action on this, you are already way ahead of the curve. Kudos to you and we’ll talk soon!!

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