Workout October 10, 2011

Today I tried something a little bit different (for me anyway) at the gym. I’ve been reading

    The Ultimate Diet

by Lyle McDonald. This is a book that outlines a diet with carb cycling. It also has you doing different training based on that day’s particular diet regime.

Today’s workout was called “Pump Training”. What I did was three exercises with three sets per body part. Each set consisted of 20 repetitions (if I could handle it)! I either incorporated very short rest times (20-30 seconds) or I super-setted with exercises for a different body part.

Today’s split was Chest/Back/Shoulders

Chest: Flat Bench, Incline DB Press, Pec Dec
Back: Pulldowns, Seated Pulley Rows, DB Rows
Shoulders: Plate Raises, Rear Pec Dec, Leaning Side Lateral Raises

I know this doesn’t really look all that taxing on the surface. However, when I got done with chest and back my body was asking to stop. I didn’t. I managed to squeak out shoulders, realizing that tomorrow I get to do Arms/Legs/Abs.

The workout totaled 27 sets which is pretty good. I warmed up for 10 minutes on the treadmill in the beginning, did some shoulder warm-up exercises with dumbbells, and was out of the gym in an hour.

Good day – felt like I accomplished something, challenged my muscles, and already feel the soreness setting in!

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