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The Benefits of Yoga

Whenever I think of yoga, I think relaxation, peacefulness, serenity, quiet, flexibility, stretching and harmony. It just seems like such a calm, mellow, stress-reducing activity.

And it looks really easy…ha!ha! This is one of those times when looks can be deceiving. Usually you start out really slowly just doing some stretches and loosening up your body. Before you know it though, you’re balanced on one leg while stretching your arms to the sky. The funny thing is; yoga will actually make you SORE!

We all know yoga helps with flexibility. It also assists you in developing your strength and balance. The movements in yoga gently massage all your internal organs, muscles, tissues, ligaments, and, tendons. Yoga also lubricates the joints.

Like I mentioned, yoga is helpful in developing strength. Movements like “downward dog” and “plank” help to strengthen your arms and upper body. Some of the “warrior” twists really test your core and help develop your stabilizer muscles.

And, last but not least, yoga is relaxing. Spending some quality quiet time with your body is essential to the mind-body connection. The peacefulness and flexibility benefits are unsurpassed. Definitely incorporate yoga into your weekly workout plan.

Stay tuned for some more in-depth looks at yoga, the types of yoga, and where to take yoga classes!

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