I recently had the extreme honor of talking with Richard “Mack” Machowicz about his book, his website, and the self-protection system he created. Mack is known for the 10 years he spent as a Navy Seal, during which time he completed numerous tactical operations with Seal Teams One and Two. He also served as a Naval Special Warfare Scout and Sniper, as well as a Naval Special Warfare Combat Fighting Instructor. He has over 20 years of martial arts training, multiple black belts, and has even developed his own hybrid training system called Bukido. Mack is possibly most well known as a familiar face as the Host and Producer of Discovery Channel’s show, Future Weapons, and Spike TV’s, Deadliest Warrior.

Mack has a fantastic website and online community called “NDCQ.com” which stands for “Not Dead Can’t Quit”. The website is a portal for like-minded people to connect and share their stories of success as well as their strategies for overcoming obstacles. It’s a place to get a mental pump each and every day. Mack maintains a very active Facebook page and Twitter profile where you can interact with him and get constant reminders on how to win at the game of life. He remains active as an accomplished motivational speaker, television and radio host and guest, and dedicated husband and father. In addition, he is the author of the superior motivational book we will be discussing today, called “Unleash The Warrior Within”.

“Unleash The Warrior Within” is more than just another motivational book. It is fast becoming a cult classic. This is one of the best written, well-worded, clear and concise manuscripts I’ve seen in a long time; maybe ever…and I read hundreds of books.

Unleash the Warrior Within is an articulation of the SEAL approach to accomplishing what you want in life. It essentially comes down to trusting yourself, focusing on the target, understanding the target, and using the weapons at your disposal which will show up for you when you need them. With time, your movements will happen without a thought.

This book is a blueprint that you can put to use immediately to make huge positive changes in your life. It practically goes without saying that everyone should own it. Set aside a few hours because once you start reading, it’s a book you can’t put down. And, although you can get the ebook version, I heartily recommend the paperback version because you will soon be highlighting most of the content on every page. You will refer back to this book many many times.

A brief background on the birth of the book – using lessons he learned while a Navy Seal, Mack came up with the Seven Principles of Combat which form the backbone of “UNLEASH THE WARRIOR WITHIN”. These Principles of Combat show us how we can master our fears and do whatever it takes to knock down our targets (goals). By developing focus, self discipline, and strengths, Mack shows us, with concrete action steps, how to be so prepared to face our challenges, that we refuse to quit, and winning is the only option.

For Mack, unleashing his inner warrior began early in life when he was eight years old. Instead of giving up on himself, like many people had decided to do, Mack chose instead to tap into the warrior inside. He decided he was going to get to his goals, hit his targets, work hard and train, and show everyone that he could do whatever he put his mind to. This is initially why he chose SEAL Team. He said, “What better place to find out if you really do have that warrior inside you?” Mack learned that you should not to put stock in other people’s opinions of your worth and ability. Ironically, a dismissive officer in boot camp bet Mack $100,000 that he couldn’t become a SEAL. Not only did this wager propel Mack to SEALdom, but well beyond, into success, even he, had not imagined for himself. Never allow another person to discourage you from reaching for your dreams, no matter how big. If you want something badly enough, it is within your power to achieve it.

He was able to rally up with no money, no help, no allies, and he says that you can do the same thing. If he could do it, with people telling him his whole life that “it can’t be done”, then you can do it too. All it takes is you, deciding to hit your targets, deciding to rally up, working to get better. You must put every atom of your being into the thing that you’re trying to get done. There is no “try”. You don’t “try” to hit your targets. You either “do”, or you “don’t”. He says you don’t “try” to lift your arm. You either “do” lift it, or you “don’t” lift it. It’s very straight forward. That’s the way it is with hitting your goals each and every day. You either are hitting them, or you are not. “Unleash The Warrior Within” is about getting it done, showing up for yourself, and about how you show up for yourself moment to moment.

Mack’s “Not DeadCan’t Quit” (NDCQ) philosophy came about when some friends of his, who had already made it through BUDS/Navy SEAL Training, sent him a photograph. The photo was just like a SEAL Team photo in that guys were jumping from a helicopter. What struck him, though, was the inscription on the back of the photo which read, “A man can only be beaten in two ways; if he gives up or he dies.” Mack interpreted this as, “As long as I still have a single beat in my heart, a single breath in my body, I’m in pain, I’m not dead. I’m alive. And, if I’m alive, then I’m still in the game. If I’m still in the game, then I refuse to give up on myself and what I’m capable of doing. Since that was a lot to remember under stress and pressure, he shortened the sentence to “Not Dead”, which eventually became “Not Dead, Can’t Quit”.

The “Not Dead Can’t Quit” website was derived from this mantra. NDCQ.com is a portal for like-minded people to come together and demolish their targets. It’s a supportive cohesive community that encourages you to strive for your personal best and never ever give up, give in, or give out. At NDCQ.com you can track your goals, share success stories and bond with other people who share your intensity. NDCQ also offers great apparel and products.






Within the pages of UTWW, Mack teaches you how to develop a “Combat Mentality” in order to attain your goals, which he calls “targets”. He draws many parallels between war and life. He says that stressful situations in life, like in war, require a collection of skills. Flexibility, extreme focus, a vivid target (goal), and the ability to handle your fear properly, are key components in realizing your goal.

It’s important to understand that you are alive, and as long as you’re alive, you’re in the game. You have the power to make your life mean something. Go after your goals. Really, go after your goals. Bring everything you have to the table because it’s not until you put your life on the line for the things you desire, that your life actually means something. We all are going to die someday, so what are you waiting for? What will be the catalyst that pushes you to decide that you mattter; that what you want matters; that how you live matters; that your life matters?

Once you have decided that you, your life, your goals, and what you think, are of real value, use this decision to move yourself forward. Pursuing what you want in life is not an easy path. It requires hard work and dedication. It isn’t always easy to achieve greatness and hard work is often the unwelcome byproduct of success. Deal with it. Expect it. You must learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Direct your focus on knocking down your targets, not on how difficult it is. Instead of complaining, turn your attitude around and realize how truly blessed you are in so many ways. Once you align your focus with your goals and eliminate excuses, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much you accomplish.

When planning your attack, Mack states it’s important to start at the beginning and create a plan that details the many stages in pursuit of your target. You have a destination or a goal set out for you, but you don’t get there instantaneously. There are many smaller progress points along the way. The end point, as well as the steps along your journey, are your targets. It’s up to you to figure out which targets you need to hit in order to proceed to the next point. You don’t go directly from point A to point B without knocking down all the intermediate targets in between.

It is essential that do your homework before even starting out on your mission. Foresee obstacles, options, strategies, and solutions in advance. This is a key strategy in successfully attaining your goal. Planning in advance is critical because once you’re involved, it’s too late to start the rehearsal; the preparation, and the training.







Mack says the difference between success and failure comes down to just one thing; focus. The more laser-like your focus, the faster and more efficiently the target will be knocked down. As discussed, doing your homework in advance is essential. It allows you to better trust yourself in the moment of stress to focus on the thing that you have to do. Focus gives you the ability to knock down one target at a time, instead of trying to attack everything at once. It’s similar to taking a test. You don’t answer all the questions at once. You answer one question at a time and move on to the next until you have eventually completed the entire exam.

No one is a good multi-tasker. It’s important to stay involved with one task at a time. You can actively pursue multiple targets, however, concentrating on one target at a time is crucial. Often, there are other dynamics involved in attaining your goal. You may only be able to go so far, within a particular time frame or you may have to wait for someone else to act before you can progress. In this case, move ahead as much as you can. Then, it’s acceptable to direct your attention to a different target until you reach a stopping point. Make the most of the time during which you are involved with your target. Fully immerse yourself and give it your full attention. Then, when appropriate, you can advance to the next target in your path.

It’s vital that you learn to direct your full attention to the task at hand and be fully engrossed in the situation. This will allow you to stop over-thinking the event, and focus on your best course of action. Clearly seeing the target is half the battle. Then, when the required weapons, skills, and tools appear, you will automatically react properly. Focus is power and gives you the ability to successfully do your best in any circumstance.







Fear is one of the things that typically paralyzes the best of us. Where, exactly, does fear come from? Fear begins with a conversation in your head. How does this conversation begin? It starts in childhood when you are taught fear, repeatedly, throughout life. Without being shown and taught fear, you would have no frame of reference from which to draw fearful thoughts. When you live a fearful life of reaction, and you get on the “fear” bandwagon, your body physically reacts to your thoughts. Your body chemistry alters and you begin to sweat, shake, panic, and hyperventilate. You may experience these biological reactions whether the threat is real or imagined. Acknowledging that these conversations are occurring is the first step in harnessing your fear. When thoughts of fear begin to dominate your mind, you are no longer able to think rationally and clearly access the situation. It is essential that you train yourself to not let your fearful conversations determine your direction. Instead, change your internal dialogue and allow focused positive thoughts dictate your path.

The good news is that you are in control of the conversations in your head. Therefore, you are in control of your fear. You get to choose whether or not you are fearful in the moment, or focused. You can put a stranglehold on fear by forcing yourself to focus on the steps requires to knock out your target. Focus leaves no room for fear. Focus on what can go right, not what could go wrong.

Just because you feel afraid, does not mean that a legitimate danger is present. It is your perception of the unknown, and your lack of control over the situation that leave you uneasy and shut down your ability to think. Often, you must feel the fear and do it anyway. Live and act in spite of fear, not in response to it. Bottom line, look your fear in the eye, acknowledge that it exists, and walk through it to the other side.

To learn more about Richard Machowicz or Not Dead Can’t Quit, please visit his site at: NDCQ.com.

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  1. Thomas Huynh says:

    I think Mack is a great example for us all because he had to struggle like we all do whenever we work toward a goal. Any disadvantages he had was made up with sheer internal power. Luckily we all have this internal power if we activate it with verbal motivators we give ourselves as taught in Mack’s book.

    • Stef says:

      Hi Thomas! 🙂
      It’s so true. Mack had nothing handed to him, and is a shining testament of what can be achieved when you really make a decision to do something. Thankfully, he wrote the book for us to follow! 🙂

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