Patience Leads To Progress

I’ve been harping on “patience” a lot lately and I think it’s because I really want this message to permeate.  I’ve been guilty of being super impatient, and quitting programs or falling off the wagon when progress was either slow or not apparent.  Please don’t let the same thing happen to you.

Patience is a virtue.  Why?  Because being patient is hard.  In this society of instant gratification and constant stimulation, the idea of actually having to wait for something is unheard of.  However, if you desire real and lasting results in your physique and health, being patient while you progress toward your goal is the only option.

That’s what’s so great about fitness.  It’s the great equalizer.  Even Hollywood stars have to work out and manage their caloric intake to look lean and fit.  Yes, they may have some perks that make life easier like personal chefs and full-time trainers, but the bottom line is, they still have to do the work, just like we do.

A very wise man (Napoleon Hill) told a story of a man who was digging for gold.  This man spent his savings and many many weeks digging and digging for gold with no luck.  Actually, he had a very little bit of luck at first, and that is why he pressed forward.  However, he stopped seeing results.  What did he do when it seemed like he had stopped progressing?  He QUIT.

No, that’s not the end of the story.  He sold all his equipment to a junk man and went home.  The junk man, smarter than most, hired an Engineer to take a look at the mine to determine if it was in fact a dead end.  Turns out, there were millions of dollars worth of gold just three feet from where the last man quit digging.

He was JUST THREE FEET FROM GOLD.  And, he quit.

If he had been patient just a little longer, and persevered, his dreams would have come true.  He would have experienced unparalleled success.

Things may not always happen exactly on your timetable.  Sometimes, you may be working out like a banshee and doing everything right and you look expectantly in the mirror and step on the scale … and … nothing.  No progress.

At this point your options are 1) quit, or 2) be patient and keep sticking to your plan.  If you are on a solid plan and you are faithfully doing your workouts and giving it your best, you MUST reap the rewards of your hard work.  It’s science, pure and simple.

Results may not show up exactly when you planned, but they WILL show up.  Sometimes your body is working on burning off internal body fat.  You may be building muscle.  You might be retaining water on the day you decide to weigh yourself.  There are many factors at work in your body that you are not aware of.  Don’t stop and throw in the towel just because you didn’t progress as fast as you thought you should.

Besides, if you quit, what good does that do you??  You will eventually get fed up with yourself and your physical condition and you will have to start all over again.  Except you’ll probably have taken several steps backwards and be starting in an even worse position than you were before.

The emotional and physical roller coaster ride is just not worth it.  So, the bottom line is, stick to your plan, ride out the waves, and realize true success and lasting results over time.  By the way, I always say, “time is passing quickly, you might as well be doing something good for yourself.”



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  1. Melisa says:

    I just found your website and blog. Fabulous advice. I am an impatient quitter. Over and over again I have started programs only to stop a month later-both nutrition and exercise. I will definately keep reading! (And I LOVE Napoleon Hill. Everyone should read his work.)

    • Stef says:

      Thanks so much, Melisa! Actually, at a month you’re just about in the groove! Most people quit way before that! So, it looks like you’ve definitely got what it takes to stick to a plan – especially if it’s in short chunks! Maybe you can do a month at a time with a small break in between. I bet that would work well for you. 🙂

      Yes, everyone should read Napoleon’s stuff – it’s incredible!

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