It’s “Tude-Day” also known as “Tuesday” …. that means it’s time to do a check on your attitude today.  Are you feeling positive and happy or miserable and depressed?  If you’re positive and happy, great job!  If you’re miserable … what’s your problem?!  Take some time to turn it around.  Start focusing on all the things that are great in your life.  What awesome things have you accomplished in the last few months, or year, or in your life?

A couple of really smart people have mentioned keeping a Gratefulness Journal.  This is a journal where you sit down and write down all the things you’re grateful for on a daily basis.  Once you sit down to do this, you just start thinking of more and more and more things to be grateful for.  It starts to snowball.  And then you start to realize just how lucky you are.  Once you get your head turned around to all the positive in your life, it’s time to start spreading the joy.

How about focusing on what you can do to lift somebody else up.  Maybe you can send a note, an email, a comment to someone else who is struggling and make their day.  It’s all about shifting your focus to the positive and getting your attitude out of the gutter! Doing something nice for someone else is bound to make you feel better too.  It’s important to come from an attitude of willingness to serve others.  It makes you a more positive, upbeat and giving person.

Choose to be happy.  You decide how you are going to feel in this very moment.  Take advantage of the power you have inside to change your outlook.  Choose an Attitude of Gratitude.


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