Motivation Monday!

I decided that each day of the week should have a theme.  I like Motivation Monday because it’s the beginning of the week and time for a fresh start.  It’s important to get your head back in the game after the weekend’s activities, whatever they may have been!

Sunday night is a good time to start setting up the coming week for success.  Plan out your workouts.  Plan out your nutritional strategy for the week.  It’s much easier to manage your diet when you can just put yourself on auto-pilot and eat what you have planned out.  That way, there’s no thinking involved and you don’t start dreaming about that leftover pizza in the fridge!

How to drum up some extra motivation?  Have your goals written down on paper.  Make them vivid word pictures so you can really visualize yourself looking the way you want to look.  Review your goals often and take time to focus on your outcome.  Look through motivating websites and get yourself psyched up for the gym, clean lean eating, and super health!

Or, use pain and fear to prevent yourself from falling off the wagon.  Take a look at the calendar and realize that in about three weeks, you may be making some appearances at various Memorial Day parties … yes, the start of Summer is, unbelieveably, right around the corner!!  Pull out your shorts, capris, tank tops, bathing suits, and bikinis and see if you’re ready to go.  If you’re cringing while looking at your reflection in the mirror … maybe that will motivate you to get to the gym today.

Blast some loud music, look at motivating pictures of fitness models, shop for new sexy clothes and watch your motivation soar.




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