Gone Too Soon

Yesterday, I found out that an acquaintance had passed away.  He was a really nice guy who ran a local store and my husband and I had known him for years.  For the sake of his privacy, I’ll call him Terry.  Terry was a genuinely nice person and everybody who met him really liked him.  But Terry had a problem.  He was severely overweight.

Now, I know, in today’s society, being overweight is starting to become the “norm” and it’s not something that you can comfortably address with someone.  In fact, “being judgemental” is highly frowned upon.  The sad truth is that Terry had a slew of health issues and they were mostly brought on because of his weight.  He actually went years battling this ailment or that illness and it was all related to the fact that he was so severely out of shape and unhealthy.

Then, in January he went into the hospital, and his overwhelmed system just couldn’t take it anymore and it shut down.

Poor Terry … I just can’t help but wonder what his life would have been like if he had taken control of his body and gotten healthy. Of course, I don’t know for sure, but I can only surmise that he would probably be alive today.

I think this is a travesty.  People really think that what they eat doesn’t matter.  They think they can “get away” without exercising.  People think they can continue to consume junk, chemicals, sugar, lard, artificial, manmade “foods” and nothing will come of it.  Your body is wonderfully and fearfully made, that’s a fact.  But, it can only tolerate so much abuse.  Just because the backlash of eating crap on a continuous basis doesn’t hit you immediately as you’re consuming the food, don’t be fooled into believing that no harm is being done.

Many small actions repeated over time will give you an outcome; good or bad.  That applies to not eating healthy and not exercising as well… these actions (or non-actions) repeated over time will add up for you and manifest themselves at some point.  It may or may not be immediate, but you can’t continue to damage your system repeatedly over time without consequences.

What might you be missing out on in life just because you refused to get healthy, or it was too much of a bother for you to exercise?  Will you cut your life short due to something so entirely preventable?

All you have to do is START.  Make some small changes to begin with and build on those good habits day after day. You don’t have to change all at once, but you do have to change.  Commit to getting healthy.

Before you know it, these new healthy habits will start to become part of your lifestyle. You’ll be able to do more things and enjoy life at a greater level. You may even prolong your life and be able to ultimately spend more time with the people you love. Isn’t that worth getting in shape for?

Don’t be a “Poor Terry” and don’t put off your health another day. Do something about it right now. Take action. Take the first steps toward living a healthy, fit, enjoyable, long life.

If you are overwhelmed or you don’t know where to start, email me and I will point you in the right direction:


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  1. I love this post. I’m gonna splatter it all over FaceBook… hope that’s ok!! 🙂


  2. ps. I’m really sorry to hear about your friend. my condolences. 🙁

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