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I woke up this morning and dragged myself out of bed. I foraged around for some gym clothes in the dark and finally emerged from the closet “ready to go”. I came downstairs for a cup of coffee to procrastinate before working out, and I thought, wait a minute, shouldn’t this be “fun”?!

Then my inside voice said to me, “no, you’re an adult now and things aren’t supposed to be fun anymore… now it’s all work work work”. And, of course, the child in me protested thinking, “how am I supposed to keep this stuff up, make it through, day in and day out when it’s not enjoyable”?

So, I decided to procrastinate a little longer and ponder this question…..

When was the last time I had fun working out? When did I actually look forward to exercise? What did my friends do for exercise that was considered “fun”?

Then I realized, just last night I went to a Pole Dancing class and it was incredibly fun … and I was sore, and broke a sweat… so I guess that meant I was exercising AND having fun!! Then I thought about my friend, who started taking Zumba classes because they were silly and a lot of fun. Before she knew it, she had dropped over 40 pounds!

I decided it was time to bring the FUN back! Group exercise, dance dvds, Zumba, Pole Dance, all of these result in a lot of laughter and a lot of calorie burning – good times all around.

And what happens when things are fun .. you want to do them, you do them more often, and you might actually look forward to it!

So, get yourself moving, be happy, laugh and have fun while you’re at it. Before you know it, you too will be almost effortlessly slimming down and enjoying the process!!

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