Find Your Motivation

How do you get motivated? Is it a picture? Is it a memory of yourself looking great in a certain outfit? Maybe it’s a song on your ipod that really gets you charged up and full of energy. Do you have certain rewards lined up for yourself when you reach your goals?

Maybe you use negative motivation to get yourself in gear. Sometimes pain will be more motivating for people than pleasurable thoughts. If this is the case, maybe thinking about how bad you looked in the dressing room mirror while trying on that bikini will get you going. Or, recalling some negative commentary by someone will be the catalyst to your change.

Whatever your mode of motivation, you should take note of what it is, when it happens, what it feels like. It’s even a good idea to write these things down for future reference. Later on, when you’re not feeling quite so motivated, you can look at your list and see the things that have motivated you in the past.

Maybe you can employ some of the tricks you have up your sleeve and get yourself back in gear. When you don’t quite have it in you to get to the gym, pop in that song that you love that gets you energized. When you’re dragging your feet and don’t feel like working out, remember how discouraged you were the other day in the dressing room and do something so you never have to feel that way again.

All in all, it’s a great tactic to have a little arsenal of things that get you charged up. Keep them close by so you can easily access them when you need them most!

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