Crowded Gym!

Is your gym crowded? Is there an actual line at the front desk to get in? Do you walk in the door and struggle to make your way to the locker room, only to get the absolute last locker way off in the corner with the broken handle? Do you happen to glance into the cardio area as you make your way to the locker room only to see that every single piece of equipment is being used and people are waiting for others to finish? Is there already a line for the showers and it’s a Saturday at 7:00 am?

This time of year many gyms and fitness centers are overcrowded with new members and current members who just remembered that they had a gym membership!  So, how do you deal with the crowds and get your workout done in a timely fashion without getting in a fight to commandeer your equipment?

One great solution is to change the time of your workouts, so you won’t be lost in the crowd.  This may also be a good time to branch out and try other activities you’ve been thinking about giving a go. Try some cross-fit, kettle bell training, tai chi, pole dancing (!), rock climbing, or maybe swimming.

Don’t worry, gyms and fitness centers are very busy with new members who are trying to start the new year out healthy.  The problem is, most people are only going to be training for a few months, at best.  Usually, by mid March or sooner, most of the newbies will have stopped training and will not be seen at the gym.  

So, you must be patient and survive the crowd for now and soon you will have your gym back. You can however be helpful to the new members at your gym and give them encouragement.  Remember, they are trying to be more healthy and make some lifestyle changes like you did.   

Written by Guest Author Mark O’Donnell

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  1. Gina says:

    I beat this problem by joining the most hardcore gym in town — one that has over 2000 square feet of free weights and machines, and only 2 female members (of which I am the second!). No Zumba classes or juice bar, but so many weight-training options that there is never a line to use equipment. Cardio is ellipticals & stairmaster, to get the job done.

  2. Stef says:

    Good thinking, Gina! I wish we had a great place like that around here! Sounds like you can get down to business at that gym!!

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