Healthy Snacks

So, I was sitting around craving something … just not sure what exactly.  I started thinking about different healthy snacks that are satisfying and conquer your cravings.

Good snacks will have some substance, good taste, and maybe even a little nutritional value!  Some of my favorites are cut up fresh raw vegetables with or without dip, fruit and nuts, yogurt with protein powder, air-popped popcorn, and cottage cheese.  Don’t get me wrong, I like heavier/less healthy snacks too, but I just try to limit them.

What snack you choose will also probably depend on what time of day it is.  If it’s early in the day, something with carbs or fat might be okay.  Later at night or before bed, it’s a better idea to lighten it up and have something not so calorie dense.  I prefer protein snacks at night like cottage cheese (with one of my recipes), or maybe almond milk mixed with protein.  I’ll have a few cheat meals a week, but I do try to end the day with a protein.

Many people also enjoy other various dips and things like hummus and vegetables, or possibly baked chips and salsa.  My friend just told me about “Kale Chips” which is kale, washed and dried, sprinkled with olive oil and a touch of sea salt, and baked.  Supposedly, these taste as great as potato chips – and if my friend says they’re good, then they are delicious.  I’ll be making them soon and report back!

While you may not always be reaching for a healthy snack, just realize that you do have choices.  If you mix it up a little and throw in a few more healthy snacks here and there you’ll be ahead of the game!


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